oral health for military DOGS and police dogs

Kalzyme K9 is a trusted dental spray, recommended by vets, helping dog handlers take control of their dog’s oral health. Its science-based enzyme formulation creates an active barrier that reduces microbial adhesion. Kalzyme K9 provides gums and teeth with a defense against harmful bacteria that cause gingivitis, plaque, and tartar. As they can stress inner organs, resulting in general disease, dental diseases may even shorten a dog’s life. Bad oral health not only puts a K9 dog’s performance at risk, but can also hamper the effectiveness of the entire police force or army

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Bacteria Adheres to the Surface

Bacteria use surface proteins. In many cases they are already attached to the surface

Bacteria Begins to Colonize

When bacteria colonize to an area, they secrete a “glue” containing proteins and starches, which work as a cover protecting the bacteria. This colony is named biofilm.

Kalzyme reduces biofilm formation

Kalzyme forms a thin protective thin film that reduces biofilm formation.

Science-based and clinically proven

Kalzyme K9 dental spray is a science-based and patent-applied enzyme formulation developed at Lund Ideon Science Park in collaboration with Lund University, Sweden. Studies show that the powerful enzyme, together with a hypertonic solution, forms a temporary barrier strengthening the K9 dog’s natural defense. Its pocket size makes it easy to use at any time.


  • Brushing teeth and maintaining good oral health while in duty
  • Poor access to vets and dental care
  • Difficulty removing plaque manually as tooth scrapers can damage enamel and gums
  • Costly dental and medical care
  • Anesthesia concerns when cleaning teeth or treating painful dental conditions
  • Animal dental care removes focus from training
  • Costs and risks when interrupting dog training for veterinary visits
  • Poor police force or military effectiveness due to K9’s bad health

Advantages with KAlzyme
K9 dental spray

  • Save costs on dental and medical care
  • Fewer concerns about K9 dogs’ oral hygiene
  • Always available thanks to its pocket size
  • Decreased risk of general disease
  • Good oral health keeps the dog healthy and strong
  • Stronger focus on tasks at hand, less on health issues