About us

A global Swedish life science company

ZymIQ technology was founded by scientists, veterinarians, and entrepreneurs in 2020. Our mission is to develop highly innovative enzyme-based therapeutics and cosmetics and to bring them to the global market for the wellbeing of humans and animals. Our headquarters are located at Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden, in Virginia, USA, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Enzyme-based products combating global health issues

Antibiotic resistance is expected to increase worldwide for generations to come, making it one of the most severe global health threats in this century. Fighting antibiotic resistance is part of our mission at ZymIQ. Through cutting-edge science, we are developing entirely new enzyme-based antimicrobials with the capacity to replace or complement current antibiotic treatments.

Two innovative enzyme technology platforms

We have two unique enzyme-based technology platforms to prevent topical infections. Our first platform protects healthy skin and mucosa, while our second one combats ongoing topical bacterial infections. Both platforms are successful alternatives to conventional antibiotics and can help decreasing antibiotic resistance. The enzymes function as high-precision tools specifically eradicating undesired pathogens, while leaving the healthy microbiome intact.


At ZymIQ, we know that you can’t stress perfection.
Science-based criteria and methods are the basis for our platforms,
and we deliver proven best-in-class solutions driven by data.