Science-based innovation

ZymIQ is a pioneering life science company, creating new paths within the healthcare industry. Science-based innovations, together with cutting-edge technology, are the foundation for our development of the next generation of antibacterial and antiviral solutions. At ZymIQ, enzyme science sets the scene for future inventions.

Unique technology platforms

Our scientific expertise, in combination with our innovative approach, has resulted in two unique technology platforms. Both platforms treat skin and mucosa while keeping the microbiome healthy and intact. The crucial difference is the way they approach viruses and bacteria: Protect and Combat. Our first platform protects healthy skin and mucosa, while our second one combats ongoing topical bacterial infections. Both platforms have the potential to become alternatives to conventional antibiotics to help decreasing antibiotic resistance.


Targeting the bacterial virulence factor

Our Protect platform protects humans and animals against skin and mucosa infections by targeting the virulence factor of adhesion. Bacterial adhesion to surfaces is the first step in colonization, invasion, and biofilm formation. Our platform creates a barrier against bacterial growth, enabling increased health and well-being.


Targeting bacterial infections

Through our Combat technology platform, enzymes are used to target bacterial infections that are difficult to combat. Our tailor-made enzymes function as high-precision tools, eradicating undesired pathogens, while leaving the healthy microbiome intact.



Innovation potential

When combining our highly unique platforms, groundbreaking synergies are made possible. The advantages of our first platform, together with the strengths of our second platform, open up further synergistic possibilities.

ZymIQ’s new, potential treatments to improve the health and well-being of humans and animals are likely going to make a marked difference.