Partnership to develop skincare cosmetics

– fjör

fjör is a skin care brand designed for simplicity in everyday skin care and increased personal confidence. It contains a hydrolytic enzyme developed by ZymIQ. The fjör hydrolytic serum is a clinically verified serum. It supports anti-aging and ultra-hydration, and at the same time it protects the skin against environmental irritants. 

Hydrolytic enzyme technology

The hydrolytic enzyme acts as a protective film on your skin, especially for sensitive skin. It targets any bacterial, fungal, or viral baddies that could be either in the air, or already on your skin. All while still keeping the skin hydrated, protected, and the natural microbiota thriving.

The hydrolytic enzyme is activated by the condition of the skin such as pH and microbiome activity level on your skin (think gut health microbiome, but on the skin – the skin is the biggest organ we have, after all). It will do what’s best for your skin, to reach its most natural and balanced microbiome level.

Visit the fjör webpage for more information. 

Smart enzyme technology

– Science-based enzyme formulations with catalytic power

– Powerful and active

– Clinically proven results

– Highest quality ingredients

– Preserving the individual’s healthy natural microbiome