Enzyme science

Enzymes with catalytic power

ZymIQ focuses on enzymes because of their unrivalled catalytic power and their ability to work as high-precision tools against microbes such as viruses and bacteria.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins catalyzing virtually any reaction going on in living organisms, with incomparable specificity and efficiency. Some enzymes turn food into nutrients, while others contribute to the production of energy or cellular components. Yet, other enzymes are involved in host defense, communication, or reproduction. They all guarantee the survival of cells, whole organisms, and their progenitors. This makes enzymes central to the circle of life. All of nature with its great variety and stunning beauty is the result of enzyme action.

All of nature with its great variety
and stunning beauty is the result of enzyme action.

How enzymes work

Enzymes, like all other proteins, are composed of amino acids. During synthesis, proteins fold into three-dimensional structures that are specific to each enzyme. This is decisive, as only the correct folding enables the formation of catalytic centers and the recognition of enzyme-specific substrates. When substrate recognition occurs, reactions that would require thousands or even millions of years in the absence of the enzyme can happen in a millisecond.


For your health and well-being

Enzymes function not only in living organisms, but in any environment leaving their three-dimensional structure intact. As a result, we can use enzymes and their catalytic power in our unique products. Our scientific studies focus on how to use enzymes against viruses and bacteria to find the best solutions for your health and well-being.

ZymIQ products are formulated with the utmost
care to keep the enzyme powerful and active.